Punk, Soho, London : Resident DJ, Electro-cool monthly dark fashion party : 2008 - 2009

"The DJ's live electro acts and DIY photoshoots draw clubbers of every sexual orientation, is there a new, mid-week Boombox in town?"

"Entering a club where black is the only colour that counts may appear uninspiring but Black Balloon is the best in creative clubbing with a dresscode...
The large dancefloor later became packed with black clad club kids...all done with an air of unpretentiousness and definite enjoyment. Fashion freaks and avant garde DJs bring their own mix of groundbreaking tracks mixed in with some well known favourites...it has one of the best music policies in the capital.
Black Balloon is very near to becoming one of the most succesful monthy midweek nights in London. If you want to reject the maintstream and go for something more creative jump along to black Balloon. But just remember WEAR BLACK"