How come us south Londoners have to go all the way to east London for the kind of sweaty, boozy, musically awesome nights the gays are famous for? Well, not any more we don't. We're having a party, and its in Vauxhall. DEEP FRIED IN VAUXHALL brings together south london based DJs who are themselves fed up of too many night buses back from Dalston to play the music they love to the south londoners who love it.

DJs &MRS, who has reinvented the the grubby, awesome pop-night-out with Push The Button at the RVT, and KROTKROT who's shiny little egg head has been leaving sweat-dripped facepaint all over DJ booths at east london's sharpest electro-fests, are giving you south London realness.

Drinks on the cheap, boys and girls on the cheap, and a selection of guest DJs who love you as much as you love them - this is DEEP FRIED. Even we don't know exactly what you are going to get (except sweaty) but for the control freaks amongst you, here's a sketchy musical-road-map drawn in lipstick on the back of a damp cocktail napkin : New! New! New! >>> Electro & retro & disco >>> balls-out rock & pop >>> harder, darker, noisier, glitchier.